Laurel Hoffmann's Sewing & Drafting Books, Private lessons
  • The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts

    Here in The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts 490 pages are the step-by-step procedures skilled sample makers use in high-end designing departments to cut and sew skirts and pants. All instructions are fully diagrammed and classroom tested. Minimal equipment is needed. A CD is included.

    Sewing Pants and Skirts
    contains detailed instructions for setting both left and right lapped fly zippers, linings, inset pockets, an easy to set kick-pleat that will never droop, a grosgrain backed waistband, a traditional, high-end pant waistband with a fly front. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are included for sewing linings, inset pockets with tummy control, a kick-pleat (that is easy to set and that will never droop), a grosgrain backed skirt waistband, a total of four zipper sets, and a traditional, high-end pant waistband with a fly front.

    Mockup patterns, for practice sewing
    before setting the zippers and pockets into the clothing, are included
    at the end of their respective chapters. The samples can then be placed in a sample book for future reference.

    are in place to make sure, for example, that before the fashion fabric is cut, that the pants have a smooth waistline.

    The CD has three files
    : the 35 page sample book, the patterns needed to make the samples, and a file so the sample book's pages can be printed leaving only the samples to be attached.

    Sewing Pants and Skirts
    also shows how to prepare a straight skirt pattern and a basic pant pattern that fit so they can be used with the cutting and sewing instructions in
    Sewing Pants and Skirts WITHOUT its companion book, Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts.