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  • The Basics for Drafting and Fitting Pants and Skirts


    A Pattern Book for Drafting and Fitting Skirts and Pants

    This pant drafting procedure, tested over 20-plus years in the classroom with Continuing Professional Education students, will enable you to custom draft skirt and pant patterns that fit.

    The Basics for Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts'
    288 pages begin with fully diagrammed instructions and charts for taking accurate measurements. It then moves the reader through all of the processes needed to complete custom fitted pattern sets for a high-end straight skirt, for a pair of flat front pants, and for a pair of pleated pants. All diagrams and illustrations were drafted and drawn by the author, a production patternmaker. Almost all of the pattern diagrams are industrial patterns that have been reduced to scale.

    See-through diagrams show how test muslins should fit the body. Customized fit information is presented for all figure types. Where to go now boxes jump the reader to the customized drafting material needed to draft patterns to personal fit.

    The drafting book contains charts for recording measurements and determining drafting fit corrections
    , including how to correctly draft the crotch area to fit. Charts are included to help with reading the ruler and working with fractions, as well as charts for inch/decimal/metric conversion. Also included in The Basics for Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts are drafting instructions for both the diagonal-side pocket and the double-welt pocket - with and without tummy-control panels. Three sets of  full-sized back welt pocket patterns - traditionally used in men's clothing are included, providing you with a choice of three pocket width openings. Explicit directions show how to draft waistbands.

    Patterns for the right and the left-lapped fly zipper sets and for the back inset pockets are printed at the end of their respective chapters. Instructions are included for adapting the fly zipper patterns to fit, and for drafting the front-diagonal and front inset front pockets.

    All of the instructions and patterns can be used in the home and in industry.