Contemporary Fashion Education – Sewing & Drafting Books, Private lessons
  • Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry


    Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry is an encyclopedia of industry's basic, high-end, sample-making procedures.

    Here are the basic sewing instructions you need to sew stunning collections and personal wardrobes.

    Over 450 indexed pages with glossary, more than 1200 step-by-step diagrams present the sewing procedures industry uses to make exquisite clothing for preferred customers, and to make beautiful samples of clothing that will be mass-produced. Minimal equipment is needed, just a basic sewing machine (a treadle sewing machine could be used) and a few inexpensive tools. 

    To ensure your success, Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry has been tested in college classrooms over a period of 20 years.


    With Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry you will learn

    • Location of grading fit lines - shown in the diagram on the left
    • Concept boards’ and sample making’s part in fashion design and manufacture
    • Seams and edges
    • Hems and kick pleats
    • Darting, gathering, and pleating
    • Piping, cording, and tubing
    • Pockets
    • Zipper sets
    • Measurement systems
    • Pull-through techniques for quickly producing high-end garment
    • Lappage
    • Many more sewing techniques!                                   

    Making a sample book of the exercises as one works through Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry provides both a reference book and a portfolio.

    The CD contains three files:
    1. All of the patterns needed to make the samples.
    2. A printout for the sample book so you don't have to write in the information on any of the sample book's pages.
    3. A file of the complete sample book with all the samples placed on the pages.
    The finished sample book contains 60 pages.